Who we are

Founded in April of 2003 in the Sophia Antipolis area.


Lingualis is a group of experienced technical and editorial translators who combine their expertise and skills to meet the translation needs of their customers in terms of volume and quality.

The benefits for our clients:

Quality translation of high volume projects by a single team with proven translation experience in a diversity of fields, a direct contact with the translators, and a single invoice.

A dynamic team of language specialists

Lingualis was founded by the following language specialists:


Corine Fortunato-Jackson translator-interpreter since 1987
Sophie Lina translator since 1991
Fran├žois Delzors translator since 1993
Laurent Cattin translator since 1992, joined the founding team in 2010.

In a highly specialized competitive market where time and quality are critical, our group combines both in-depth linguistic knowledge along with expertise in a variety of highly technical fields. Our collaboration enables us to perform intensive critical cross-examination of all projects entrusted to us, including verification of terminology, linguistic consistency, cultural relevance and coherence of style. Also, through our network of partners, we are able to undertake projects in languages and fields apart from those we perform ourselves.



Our team

consists of four experienced translators:

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Services Overview

Translation & copyediting needs:

  • English > French
  • German > French
  • Italian > French
  • Spanish > French
  • French > English


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